KS2 Educational Activity Markings

KS2 Educational Activity Markings

Enhance your pupil's daily school life through line markings to help accelerate learning in a joyful manner.

Play Area Line Paintings

Play Area Line Paintings

As well as traditional games, line paintings can be subject specific, e.g. Maths with times tables, English with an alphabet.

Recreational Playground Markings

Recreational Playground Markings

Offering the best value for quality, we have been industry leaders for a significant number of years.

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Key Stage 2 Activity Markings

As industry leaders, we are able to offer you the highest quality Key Stage 2 activity markings and install it to a professional standard.

Working within the area for numerous years we have seen drastic improvements across a wide range of factors concerning a school's performance levels; such as the kid's results, the schools OFSTED scores, and most importantly the children's enjoyment levels.

KS2 Activity Designs can address and improve other points such as sociability, teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

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Lots of organisations now get play graphics put down to help boost the appeal of the area, let the kids to have a more enjoyable time, and impress the OFSTED staff https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/education/ofsted/

Playground graphics are often essential for the children’s education, together with their enjoyment and fitness levels. They are ideal for pupils of varied age groups in both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. 

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What are Key Stage 2 Activity Markings?

Key Stage 2 activity markings are a fun and new way for the pupils to interact, make friends, and mentally engage within problem solving tasks.

It is a simple and fairly inexpensive way to develop multiple areas of school life. Educational designs can be put down so the pupils can play games to understand a variety of skills.

Widely used designs like this incorporate maths grids, alphabet activities, and other games.

How are Play Area Line Paintings Installed?

To find out how play area line paintings are installed, please follow the steps below:

  1. Cut out requested thermoplastic shapes
  2. Arrange the shapes in the service at your will
  3. Apply heat to melt said shapes
  4. Leave them to cool

There are lots of colours and shapes that you can choose between which are suitable for a topic or nearby primary school.

Heat applied plastic playground surface graphics are usually ideal for recreational areas, primary schools and child care centres as they are strong and sturdy https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/surfaces/playground/

If you have outdated and aged playground designs we could restore them to make sure they appear new and vibrant. We're able to employ well-known playground designs for example snakes and ladders and hopscotch, and many other traditional features.

KS2 Ashpalt Playground Near Me

After reading this you may now desire KS2 ashpalt playground graphics and we can guarantee that we are the right business for you.

Maintaining number one spot in a highly competitive market is simply down to the high quality materials and service we offer. Get in touch today if you want to install KS1 Markings for your nearby school and its surrounding area.

We are an extremely flexible company who offer many variations of our existing products, in terms of different colours, designs, shapes and sizes to make them more visually appealing and aesthetically satisfying to those participating in it (children) and those viewing it and making impressions upon it (OFSTED, parents).

The graphics inspire youngsters to be energetic and experience far more outdoor games. This has benefits with regard to kids' wellness since weight problems are a rising problem in schools.

We can install these brightly coloured recreational graphics to numerous kinds of location. High quality plastic is applied to produce these types of activity markings, providing maximum durability.

Because kids will likely be running and playing games on the patterns, it’s crucial that they be safe to use.

We’re able to apply these types of colourful thermoplastics to basic tarmac surfacing as a way to enhance the facility. These can catch the attention of both genders and a variety of ages within KS2.

Primary School Educational Markings

Installing primary school educational markings near me is a simple step-by-step process that we are happy to walk you through.

Our flexibility we provide has allowed many local clients in the past to change order specific to be closest to their desires; such as the designs, shapes, colours and sizes of the educational patterns and this is a service that we pride ourselves upon.

Sport game graphics could also be included, such as netball and basketball. With the help of regular activity, kids are more likely to understand lessons inside the classroom, so this has several educational advantages at the same time.

Through experiencing various games with other people, the kids can easily improve in a social way as well as with physical fitness. Countless important abilities such as group interaction and solving problems could be mastered via playing different activities in the play ground.

While taking part in the activities, the kids will be able to come together in a team along with participating in distinctive activities.

KS2 Play Area Design

Heat applied graphics have a specialist process for how they will be laid. The line markings should be laid out on top of the playgrounf surfacing and then heated up so they melt abd stick to the tarmac.

Once the work is complete, the KS2 play area design graphics result in a bright and durable appearance.


Heat applied graphics have a specialist process for how they will be laid. The thermoplastic should be laid out on top of the playground surfacing and then heated up so they melt and stick to the tarmac.

Once the work is complete, the thermoplastic graphics result in a bright appearance. They're a fantastic way to improve a playground's appearance making it more exciting for the children.

We are proud of having the ability to entertain and educate through colourful outdoor play graphics.

Other Education Services We Offer

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We can install play designs for you thoroughly and quickly, using high quality materials meaning they are weather resistant and porous.

Playground Line Markings are becoming ever so popular and that is why we have been carrying out work here for a long time, working closely with local schools and activity centres.

As we work with many educational facilities, they normally want unique designs, as well as being able to install markings, we can install wall panels, find out more about that here https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/designs/wall/

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