Wall Games for Play Areas

Wall Games for Play Areas

Ideal for both entertaining and educating the children, wall panels are excellent for schools and play areas.

Fence Play Panel Games

Fence Play Panel Games

Installing these can improve your OFSTED Inspection Report drastically, as they are noted as tools to develop a children's intelligence, on many different levels.

Activity Wall Panels

Activity Wall Panels

We offer a highly flexible service and can provide you with a range of colours and designs to suit you and your playground's requirements.

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School Wall Panel Games

As professional playground designers, we also install playground equipment like school wall panels.

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We are able to supply school wall panel games as specialists within the playground industry we are can install a range of panel activities for children in crèches, playgrounds and activity centres.

There is a wide variety to pick from, to ensure the children's fun and educational needs are met. We offer a large array of different designs and colours to match a specific theme or subject, or simply to meet your individual desires.

Wall Activities are great for younger children, as it allows them to have lots of fun whilst learning at the same time.

If this sounds like something that would be ideal for your school near me, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact forms on our page.

One of our trusted nearby team advisors will respond promptly and informatively.

What are School Wall Panel Games?

School wall panel games are visual, physical, interactive activities for children to have fun whilst at crèches or in a playground.

They not only provide enjoyment, but they can be a key aspect in developing a child's intelligence from an early age.

Also known as HDPE, they're high density polyethylene panels that are an educational and joyful activity for kids.

We provide the most popular board activities such as:

  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Clock
  • Mazes
  • Drawings

We can also adhere to your specific wants and needs by providing a flexible service that allows you to request a particular design or drawing.

Kids and toddlers are guaranteed to love the walls mounted boards for playtime as it will equal lots of fun and playing. Adults can enjoy watching their kids and toddlers enjoy themselves whilst at schools, nurseries and crèches.

Subject-specific imaginative walls mounted boards can also be installed for your schools, for maths this may be a clock, for geography it may be a world map etc.

Role Play Wall Panels Prices

Role play wall-panels prices may vary dependent on requested designs, colours, size and shapes. However at Playground Line Markings we can ensure that choosing us to install your external wallboard panels will guarantee the best value for your money.

We use premium materials for all of our products ensuring the highest of quality when it comes to use on a daily basis. The material used for outdoor role play panels is generally fairly cheap, making the product economically suitable for most budgets.

As well as being inexpensive, the material is also water-resistant. This means it is able to withstand harsh weathers, meaning they can be installed outside for the children to use.

For Schools, Crèches, Kindergartens and Nurseries, they are suited for children’s playtime. Schools, crèches, kids and toddlers alike will enjoy and love the product.

Sensory Wall Panels Nearby

To learn more about our schools sensory wall panels for play areas, please send us an enquiry, question or simply a message using one of the contact forms on any of our pages, and we will be happy to walk you through the process of purchasing and installing our fence play board recreational activities.

Fence Games for Crèches Near Me

As local industry experts working closest to you, we can even provide wall panel fence games for crèches and schools. Within leisure time and lessons for the children, they can improve their hand eye co-ordination levels with our Wall-Mounted activity panel targets.

These target games can also improve the children's social levels and learn key life skills such as leadership, teamwork and overall communication skills.

These exciting activities can drastically improve your OFSTED Report upon inspection as these are the key types of things that they're actively searching for https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/education/ofsted/ 

Our playground playing walls are perfect for kids at playtime and in schools.

Outdoor Activity Wall Panels

Many of our outdoor activity wall panels [POSTCODE] can be more suited to EYFS or maybe to KS1 or KS2 children. Read about early years activities here https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/facilities/eyfs/ 

Whoever you want them to be more aimed at, we are able to provide a range of colours and designs to help you achieve this.

It is impediment for schools, crèche, nurseries, and kindergartens to have Schools Board Graphic Activities installed on their playground or surrounding area, it can help the children's performance levels in all aspects of life, at a vital stage of their life as this is where your mind is most open to learning and developing.

External Wallboard Play Panels

Is your school looking at external wallboard play panels? Well we are the ideal company for you.

We can provide a personal and exclusive service to ensure that all requirements you and your school may have are met. Another benefit of external wallboard playing panels is that they are generally maintenance free, they simply need an occasional clean from time-to-time.


Playtime within breaks for the children is also known as spaced learning. This is a learning method which allows them to enjoy their leisure time by working in a joyful environment before they go back to lessons in a classroom.

This is ideal as it improves their social and mental capabilities. As they are suitable for all ages, even toddlers will enjoy playing with the board activities as it is a fun product. Toddlers can enjoy it at schools, nurseries and crèches.

Other Designs We Offer

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If the idea of installing a wallboard game appeals to you, send us a message and we will respond to you as soon as possible to learn more about contact us today.

As well as installing these types of facilities, we work on a range of sports surfaces, which includes a 5-a-side pitch https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/activity/5-a-side/ find out more about that service by clicking on the link.


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