Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Social Distancing Floor Graphics

We offer a range of Social Distancing Graphics to meet individual needs and requirements. Contact us for a quote.

Distance Markings

Distance Markings

There are a range of distance markings available from our team. To see our catalogue, please get n touch.

Virus Prevention Markings

Virus Prevention Markings

We also offer virus prevention markings, such as hand washing and sanitising. If you are interested in these markings, please do get in touch.

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Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Thank you for visiting our Social Distance Graphics page. Here you can find the range of designs we can install to help promote social distancing amongst individuals at your establishment.

Since the spread of the Coronavirus, a lot of businesses and establishments across the UK have been installing special markings to help keep the 6ft distance.

We can install social distancing floor graphics to help enforce the Governments rules.

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It is very important to keep social distancing in mind when out and about. This will not be a temporary thing. Therefore, it is a good idea to have permanent markings installed. 

You will start to see these types of floor markings in a range of different areas. We recommend getting your social distancing floor graphics now. If you would like a cost for our social distancing graphics, please complete our enquiry form now.

Distancing Floor Signage

There is a range of different distancing floor signage available. Our thermoplastic signage which can be installed to outdoor surfaces can be installed in various designs. 

It is important to have appropriate markers installed to ensure individuals remain a safe distance apart.

Our team have plenty of experience in the line marking industry and have installed a range of play design graphics over the years. We, therefore, can install your distancing floor signage to meet the specific regulations set out by the Gov. due to COVID 19. 

If you would like information on the designs available, please fill in our enquiry box and we will get back to you with some more details.

Thermoplastic Distance Markings

Rather than having stickers applied that can rip, scuff and peel when walked on, we recommend our thermoplastic distance markings. Thermoplastic markings are heat applied and, furthermore, melted onto your existing surface. 

This means they can't really be removed, unless done so by a professional - The markings will also not peel over time. 

Our markings are flush and washable. They are also permanent and meet Government guidelines.

Social distancing is something that is here to stay. If you wish to keep the individuals at your establishment safe during the uncertaintly following the pandemic, we recommend having our distance markings installed as soon as possible. 

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We offer markings in a range of designs to meet different requirements. Obviously children will require more exciting or happy markings than those who are older and in a professional workplace. Whatever you require, we can provide. 

Our main aim when installing these markings is to keep individuals safe. This is why we have had all our floor graphics design approved. We are also very precise when marking the area for the 6ft / 2m distancing. 

If you require more information on thermoplastic markings, please speak to a member of our team.

Markings for Schools

If you are looking for social distance markings for schools, you are in luck. Our team have a range of designs available. We can offer coloured graphics, hand wash signs, strips, 2m markers and so much more. 

It's not just the children that you will need to promote social distancing too. We offer markers that can be installed to help parents and guardians when waiting to pick up their children. 

If you are promoting social distancing to the students, you need to make sure the adults are setting a good example too. We recommend installing the  two metre markers around the playground for the parents and children to make use of.

Our team can assist you if you need help with the design of these markings. Simply fill in our contact form now and we will come back to you with help and advice as soon as possible.

Nursery Playground Marking

Just like school playgrounds, nurseries will also need these markings to keep to the 2m apart rule. We offer rainbow nursery playground marking and more. 

It can be hard to get nursery children to follow social distancing rules, which is why we have created these fun graphics for the children to enjoy. 

With so many different designs to choose from, you can be sure your needs will be catered to. 

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Our team offer reasonable prices and quick installations. Therefore you can get the graphics installed with minimal disruption to your nursery and your funds.

Supermarket Floor Markings

One of the most common places to have social distancing floor markings installed is shopping stores. You may have seen social distance tape around supermarkets already, but it may be worth selecting a more durable product to mark out the 2m distances. 

Our thermoplastic supermarket floor markings are long lasting and will not peel up like tape and stickers. This means once they are installed, you will not need to keep checking on them. 

Supermarkets vitally need social distance markings, as the public need to remain safe after the outbreak of Coronavirus. Our team can install the supermarket social distance graphics at great value for money. 

Why not get your supermarket ready with durable markings now? You can then ensure safety for the public when queuing for your store.

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If you would like more information on our social distancing floor graphics make sure to contact us today. Use the enquiry form provided to get in touch with the team. 

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We can then offer information on marking designs, costs and future benefits of these markings. Our team are happy to answer any queries you may have too, so please do not hesitate to ask us your questions.


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