KS1 Thermoplastic Play Designs

KS1 Thermoplastic Play Designs

Make learning fun with playground markings so the children can develop their education and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Play Markings Benefits

Play Markings Benefits

The benefits are almost endless upon installation. Children's happiness, education and even the school's OFSTED report can be improved.

Primary School Line Markings

Primary School Line Markings

Traditional games such as hopscotch, snakes and ladders and noughts and crosses can be installed alongside subject specific ones too.

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Key Stage 1 Games Markings

Welcome to our KS1 Graphics page. Here you can find all the design we can offer for students at the Key Stage One learning level.

Key Stage 1 games markings are perfect for developing children throughout their KS1 learning.

This is a key time for the children to learn important life skills, become further educated and most importantly have fun. Our line designs can easily provide this, as we have an array of colours to choose from, as well as a number of different designs.

Find out more about nursery designs on this page https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/facilities/nursery/

As well as a variety of visually appealing patterns to select, we can also provide subject specific playground designs such as snakes and ladders, noughts and crosses, maps, clocks, etc.

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Decorative fun area graphics are becoming very popular in lots of local schools and activity groups as they generate an impressive design with fun activities.

Play surface designs are essential for all pupils' education, along with their enjoyment and fitness levels. You can have an abundance of patterns which happen to be appropriate for primary education as well as older children.

Academic surface designs might be installed so the youngsters near me can enjoy games to understand a range of skills. It is often through numbered grids, alphabets, words, targets and maps.

 If it's something that sparks an interest within you, then do not hesitate to contact us. Simply fill out one of our contact forms, and send us a question. One of our closest expert advisors will be with you shortly.

What are Key Stage 1 Games Markings?

Key stage 1 games markings are thermoplastic line patterns that can be implemented into a children's school life for both educational and recreational use.

Theses thermoplastics can improve your OFSTED Inspection Report as this is the exact thing that inspectors want to see within school.

KS1 Playground Design Near Me

Our specialist installers are able to supply a range of KS1 playground design graphics to match a specific theme in reference to your school or school logo, or even in relevance to different topics within school.

This can mentally engage them on a different level, allowing them to enjoy to learn, vital in developing their intelligence capabilities from an early age.

Playing area patterns can be beneficial in strengthening children’s fitness and general health and it's also a good way to make fitness enjoyable.

Because inactivity rates are slowly escalating with kids in the United Kingdom, this is an effective approach to handle the issue specifically in primary schools.

We provide the thermoplastic playground designs to numerous kinds of areas. The designs we put down are manufactured from premium thermoplastic so they give resilience and longer lasting results.

Because young kids will undoubtedly be running around and playing on the line markings, it is important that they be safe.

When you've got and worn out playground facility or surrounding area, the colourful graphics can actually improve the overall look for your Key Stage One kids and produce a more dynamic look within the area. These can appeal to both genders and a variety of ages.

How are Play Markings Installed?

Our play markings are installed through the following method:

  1. Plastic Lines are secured into the floor with the appliance of hot temperatures directly on top of the designs.
  2. In turn, this melts the lines into the flooring that is asphalt
  3. These lines can be specific to your wants and needs, e.g. colour, shape, design, size etc.

You can install an array of playground patterns, dimensions and colours to obtain a perfect design for your nearby facility and its surrounding area.

The colourful heat applied plastic patterns are resilient and strong so they should last for many years in the activity area.

Our company can administer improvements and renovation of old thermoplastic graphics to improve them and incorporate attractive patterns https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/refurbishment/removals/

Plenty of old classic activities can be applied in the recreational surface such as number grids and hopscotch.

You now may want playground designs installed after reading the numerous benefits.

Contacting us will allow you to be walked through the simple process of purchasing from us and we will carefully tell you the details of the installation process, our communications team have years of experience and offer a personal and informative service. Get in touch!

Educational Play Marking Prices

Our educational play marking prices may vary dependent on what you as the client have requested from us. Aside from the vary in price, the quality and capability of the works you've requested certainly will not vary from being a highly professional and top quality service.

A number of factors may influence the price you pay with us, such as the design requirements you have requested from us, or your location.

Naturally, the closer you are to us the cheaper it will be for you, however the further you are away the price will slightly be more.

No matter where you are, we can definitely carry out works within your area as we are a nationwide company who has been the leader of the industry for many years.


If you need to build a sports space within the key stage playground, we are able to also apply surface markings for a lot of other activities.

With regular exercise, kids are more likely to learn within the classroom, so this has many academic advantages at the same time.

Alongside mental and physical benefits of outdoor play line markings, you'll also find a lot of social advantages for the children. With the exciting games and graphics, there's a fantastic opportunity to master co-operation skills and problem solving.

This enables the youngsters in KS1 to make friends while they are having fun.

KS1 Tarmac Play Area 

Heat applied plastic games markings have a specific approach for how they are installed. The playground templates will be laid on top of the KS1 tarmac play area surfacing and then heated so they melt and stick to the tarmac.

The end result is a safe and brightly coloured set of lines for the template which is perfect for boosting the quality of a playground. They're a great way to boost a designated fun area's look making it more fun for school children in KS One.

Our diverse range of playground products is wonderful for encouraging kids to learn and enjoy themselves whilst playing games outdoors.

Other Education Services We Offer

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The number of schools installing playground line markings is rapidly increasing as they become ever more popular. This is due to obvious results, such as children's test results, children's happiness, and OFSTED reports results.

The benefits are endless. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in KS1 games markings as we have been specialists within the area for numerous years now.

We can also fit wall panels in schools, read about that here https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/designs/wall/ let our team know if you're interested.


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