Colourful Outdoor Graphics

Colourful Outdoor Graphics

The vibrant colours and designs can allow the children to make up their own imaginative games and have lots of fun at playtime.

Playarea Painted Line Markings

Playarea Painted Line Markings

Our line markings are an ideal way to help the children release their energy during breaks to ensure maximum focus during lessons.

Playground Markings Specialist Installers

Playground Markings Specialist Installers

With a wide variety of colours to choose from, we are sure we can meet your wants and needs.

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Playground Surface Markings Installers

For many years now we have been market leaders of playground surface markings installers and we pride ourselves on delivery a high quality and flexible service to all of our clients.

We have seen many school playgrounds look completely renovated through our unique painting designs in various colours, shapes and sizes for the children to have lots of fun using at playtime. Many of our thermoplastic patterns are in fact educational too.

This is because we can provide subject specific patterns as well as traditional games such as snakes and ladders and noughts and crosses.


Many nurseries are having playarea markings applied as a way to add to the appearance of their own flooring, let the little ones to have more fun, and make an impression on the OFSTED inspectors.

Kids are able to appreciate entertaining games along with working on their physical health and developing necessary skills. You can choose from an abundance of patterns that are suited to Key Stages 1 and 2 and also older children.

These types of graphics can incorporate informative games for a lot of subjects for example English and maths. Widely used features for these consist of number grids, letters, and maps.

If you would like to learn more about the services that we can offer you, then do not hesitate to send us a message via the contact forms on our website.

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What are Playground Surface Markings?

A playground surface marking is a thermoplastic line paintings that we can design in many different patterns for your nearby school, nursery, crèche or kindergarten.

Many children can use problem solving skills alongside developing social skills that are really key for later life such as communication, friendship and teamwork.

There are a lot of benefits to having these installed on your playground surface, as children at playtime can still be learning even when they are out of the classroom!

Benefits of Play Ground Surface Markings Near Me

There is a range of benefits of play ground surface markings, the main was is that it provide outdoor learning.

The vibrant graphics are fantastic for getting little ones to become much more active and healthy, in addition to supporting them to have a good time outdoors.

As obesity rates are increasing with children in the UK, these playareas are an excellent way to deal with this issue directly in schools. We've worked with a lot of primary schools and play groups when installing these markings

The patterns we put down are made from top quality materials so they present durability and longer lasting results. The coloured designs are made to be slip resistant to ensure that they’re secure for the children using the facility.

We are prepared to install these types of coloured play graphics to basic tarmac surfacing to help brighten the play area. The patterns are excellent for children of all ages, and they may also make up imaginative games.

Playground Flooring Marking Designs Prices

Playground flooring marking designs prices may vary due to a number of influences. For example, location can have a influence as the further you are away from where we are based, naturally the more it may cost.

If you are closer, it will be cheaper. Also the requested designs may be more dependent on how extravagant they are. However, we work anywhere within the UK and we can do any pattern requested.

There is a choice of colours and patterns which you could select from that will be suitable for a topic or primary school. The colourful thermoplastic shapes are resilient effective so they will last a long time in the play area.

We will implement upkeep and renovation for old designs that might have been worn out or grown to be weakened after some time. A number of classic activities could be applied on the play flooring including times tables grids and hopscotch.

To learn more about our prices send us a message and a member of our customer service team will be with you as soon as possible to help you with any queries, questions or enquiries you may have.

Outdoor Painted Line Markings

Our outdoor painted line markings can be a great source of daily fitness for kids and toddlers whilst at school, nursery, crèche or kindergarten.

It is recommended by the government to partake in 30 minutes of exercise per day and at playtime literally all children will be able to achieve this. This is where the Daily Mile track can help, find out more about that here

With the use of our painted patterns on the surface, they will have lots of fun whilst exercising and making friends. You, as the client are able to have your own ideas about what you want from us and we can work closely together with you to ensure that we meet your budget.

This flexibility is what has led us to become so successful to the point that we are now industry leader and we are able to offer our products using high quality premium materials, thus making our painting work weather resistant and colourful and vibrant.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings Suppliers Near Me

If you need to create a sporting activities section on your play surface, our thermoplastic playground markings suppliers could also apply surface graphics for a number of other activities.

This really boosts children’s physical fitness and activity which means they're quieter during classes, permitting them to listen better and better their knowledge.

Together with mental and physical advantages of outdoor play graphics, there are many sociable benefits for the kids. Numerous significant skills like teamwork and solving problems can be learnt by actively playing the various activities.

Through taking part in the activities, the youngsters can play together as a group along with enjoying independent activities.

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It is very simple to install play ground game designs which means the youngsters can go back to using the playground as quickly as possible.

The shapes should be put onto the play surfacing and then heated up so they liquefy and stick to the tarmac. The end product is a strong and colourful design that is perfect for boosting the look of a playground.

They are an effective way to enhance the surrounding areas of a playgrounds look making it more enjoyable for the local children.

Youngsters closest to you should be able to learn much better in addition to increasing their health and social skills through these enjoyable recreational designs.

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