School Daily Mile Painting

School Daily Mile Painting

The Daily Mile is a fantastic way to keep children within school fit and healthy on a daily basis.

Thermoplastic Painted Trail

Thermoplastic Painted Trail

We are able to offer a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs to meet your requirements from us.

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Daily Mile Line Markings

As playground line marking specialists, we can install daily mile tracks and a range of other designs to help schools.

Daily Mile line markings are a fantastic way to improve the children's physical fitness within school on a daily basis.

It is also proven that children taking part in physical activities during school can help improve their mental concentration within lessons, allowing them to develop their education more proficiently.

The thermoplastic ring looks both vibrant and visually appealing, but it is also practical for the kids doing their DM.

It is safe and weather resistant meaning the kids can't slip on it and that it is safe for all ages, including toddlers, making it ideal for even nurseries, kindergarten and crèches.

The Daily Mile is a project which encourages youngsters to accomplish a mile of physical exertion every single day. The kids can complete this by running or walking the whole distance.

The program is meant to help school pupils become healthier and physically fit as a result of regular exercise.


If the prospect of installing DM line designs sounds like something your school needs then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

We are able to respond to you efficiently and one of our expert team advisors will adhere to any questions you have.

What are Daily Mile Line Markings?

Daily Mile line markings are thermoplastic patterns that surround your playground allowing the children and even staff to participate in a day to day mile-long walk of the playground, developing everyone's physical fitness and overall wellbeing.

Physical fitness also releases endorphins AKA the 'happy hormone', meaning all involved can also become happier on a day to day basis.

Installing the playground graphics can also improve your OFSTED report as it's noted by the government that they approve of markings that can improve children's fitness and concentration levels in both KS1 and KS2.

Doing this regular exercise is ideal for EYFS and Key Stage One and Key Stage 2 and even toddlers as it's an ideal way to get fresh air, improve your stamina and fitness and allow you to become more focused in lessons. This is also known as spaced learning.

Benefits of The Daily Mile

There are lots of benefits of the Daily Mile. Getting kids fit early on in life is a crucial aim to prevent weight problems.

Despite this the activity isn't performed as a part of physical education courses, it becomes an additional pursuit completed on a daily basis.

The purpose of this physical activity is to allow pupils much better social skills, physical fitness and emotional well-being. The full method of walking one mile in distance every day is free and is easy to put into practice.

Parents and teachers could also join in with The DM together with the pupils to boost all round fitness levels throughout the community. Daily Miles can be carried out at every age level and regardless of your own circumstances. 

With regard to a children’s playground, having a colourful marking tends to be applied to brighten the surface and combine decorative graphic designs.

Play area markings could be essential for the kids' education, together with their fun and fitness levels. You can install a lot of designs which are suitable for KS1 and KS2 in addition to secondary school.

Educational markings can be used so that the youngsters will playground games to learn various skills. Widely used features like this include number squares, alphabet activities, and world maps.

School Fitness Trail Prices Near Me

School fitness trail prices may vary dependent on the size, shape, colour etc. that you have requested from us. Another influence on the final price that you pay is your specific location from where we are based.

Naturally, the further away that you are, you will pay a slightly higher price, and if you are closer, you will pay less. However, we are a UK nationwide organisation so the possibility of whether we can do work within your area will never be an issue.

We are able to install Daily Mile Line Markings in any school in any playground within the UK.

The designs encourage pupils to get energetic and be a part of far more activities outdoors. Since obesity rates are gradually growing with children in the United Kingdom, the markings provide an excellent method to tackle the issue in primary schools.

We provide our vibrant play area designs to many different kinds of area. The surface markings that our installers apply are made from superior quality materials to ensure that they offer durability and long lasting results.

The colourful graphics are designed to be skid resilient so they’re secure for the kids when using the area. When you have a tired play area facility, the fun designs may significantly strengthen the overall look and make a more vibrant design for the surface.

Kids of any age and capabilities can have fun with the games that are played while using the designs.

Multi Use Line Markings

We could additionally install multi use line markings for numerous sports to generate a multi-sport games area. Since children are encouraged to take part in a lot of fun activities, they will become more focused in lessons so it’s simpler to take in information.

Together with mental and physical advantages of play area line-markings, you can also find numerous sociable advantages for the kids.

Kids are in a position to develop a number of important skills while having fun with the outdoor games in school. While enjoying the games, the youngsters can easily play together in a team in addition to enjoying individual games.

Using our painting services for your colourful walking track in your playground is certainly a great way to develop your school.

If this sounds ideal for you or your local nursery, crèche or kindergarten, send us a message via one of the contact forms on our homepage. One of our expert members of our communications team will be back with you shortly to discuss a plan for your playground.

Playground Painting Specialists

As playground painting specialists closest to you, we can not only paint a colourful walking track, but we can also paint educational linemarkings on your playground

This can help the children nearby learn and improve their fitness at the same time.

Obesity and education are a simmering subject within the UK and our thermoplastic learning designs are a solution to any worries you may have within your educational setting.

Through recent studies, The DailyMile has been shown to enhance not only fitness but concentration levels, emotions abd classroom behaviour. Given that the children near me can focus far better, their cognitive learning is improved and they can retain new information more quickly.

It isn't just schools who can be involved in these forms of activities, nurseries, playgroups and kindergartens mary also get involved.

Due to the strategy being really simple and easy, The DM has become a popular topic with numerous schools. The run is usually finished in fifteen minutes at a teacher’s decided time of the day.

Playing in an outdoor environment improves health through inhaling the clean air. You will not have to pay out additional money on any kind of special apparatus to get involved since it is simply walking or running round an open, surrounding area.

Every child who gets involved will be successful irrespective of the finish time without having any barriers for skill or age category.

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You can choose from an array of patterns, sizes and colours to acquire a perfect set of specifications for your school. The colourful thermoplastic patterns are durable and strong so they’ll last for many years for the recreational area.

For schools which presently have any dated and old playground markings we are able to recover these to make them appear fresh and exciting. A lot of old classic games could be applied to the play flooring like number grids and snakes and ladders.

Daily Mile Thermoplastic Markings Near Me

This activity is not cross country, PE or a competitive event. It is simply implemented to give pupils improved wellbeing and also emotional state. There are several health benefits that will come from completing a mile every single day.

Because of the advanced concentration levels, kids are better equipped to learn and take notice in educational classes.

The Daily Mile thermoplastic markings delivers children a peaceful environment where they may be physically active and have the time in an outdoor area.

The application procedure of thermoplastic graphics is pretty simple and quick, minimising interruption in schools and kindergartens.

The specific pre-cut designs that have been chosen are just placed down on the macadam, and heated up using a burner to securely melt them so they stick to the chosen area

The finished product is a safe and brightly coloured design that is ideal for boosting the quality of a playground. If you wish to make your school’s play facilities more fun and exciting, these playground graphics are a wonderful option to choose.

Our distinct product range is good for supporting kids to learn and have fun whilst actively playing outside.

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