Thermoplastic Games Patterns

Thermoplastic Games Patterns

A great way to allow the children to have lots of fun at playtime, resulting in increased concentration within class.

Fun Playground Designs

Fun Playground Designs

We are able to offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and designs to suit your needs.

Playarea Line Graphics

Playarea Line Graphics

With many of our games, kids can learn and have fun simultaneously!

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Outdoor Playground Games Designs

We offer high quality outdoor playground games designs that are made from premium materials meaning they are weather resistant.

We can offer many different colours, shapes, sizes and designs to make them more vibrant and visually appealing to your school play ground for both the children and teachers. We can also work closely with you as the client to meet your budget.

With regards to children’s playgrounds, thermoplastic designs are frequently put down to brighten up the surfacing and add decorative graphic designs.

The graphics are great for improving kids' fitness and encouraging them to develop more skills, which is why imaginative designs are great

You can choose from loads of markings that can be suited to KS1 and KS2 in addition to older children.

Academic surface markings might be applied so the pupils can engage in activities to learn an array of school subjects. Widely used features like this include things like maths squares, alphabets, and maps.

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What are Outdoor Playground Markings?

Outdoor playground markings are thermoplastic markings in a playground that can both be enjoyable and educational for the children.

For pure enjoyment this may be in the form of traditional activities such as chess, snakes and ladders, noughts and crosses etc.

However this can also test mental agility as these can involve problem solving skills which allow the children to develop their cognitive ability whilst making friends and socialising, meaning they develop life skills that are key for jobs such as teamwork and leadership.

Playarea graphics are a fantastic way to improve your school.

Playground Markings and Other Traditional Games

A brightly coloured design is good for getting children to become more energetic and healthy, as well as helping them to have a great time outside. For school children, obesity is an increasing problem and having external exercise facilities is a great way to increase physical health.

We have worked with numerous primary schools and play groups when installing these playground markings and other traditional games for their outdoor playground.

They're all made out of high grade materials meaning that they are weather resistant and secure. It truly is crucial for them to be secure since young kids will undoubtedly be making use of them quite frequently.

Unique thermoplastic markings may also make a primary school look much more exciting and eye-catching, this can attract pupils and adults to the facility, and even boost your OFSTED report.

They're able to interest children of all abilities along with a variety of age groups.

How are Thermoplastic Games Markings installed?

We install our thermoplastic games playground markings in a specialist method, please follow the steps below:

  1. We cut the thermoplastic shapes out, e.g. a numbered snake
  2. Arrange the designs to your request
  3. Heat is then applied to the shapes
  4. The shapes are then left to cool

Our nearby company offers loads of colours and shapes for the graphics so they can be correctly suited to your facility and its surrounding areas.

Loads of local schools, nurseries and open public surrounding areas get the heat applied plastic playground games installed to produce a colourful and long lasting end result.

For schools which currently have dated and damaged play area designs we can easily restore these to make sure they seem new and exciting.

Quite a few traditional activities could be installed on the recreational surface including maths activities and snakes and ladders.

Playground games markings can enhance the kid's playtimes ensuring maximum fun and enjoyment throughout the day. Does the school near me need this?

Send us a message now through the use of the contact forms; we will message you back and work out a outdoor playground solution to fit your budget.

Educational Games Graphics Prices

Educational games graphics prices may vary dependent on a number of factors. There are generally two things which influence the price.

The first being the design that you would like us to do for you.

If you have requested a more extravagant design from us e.g. very big, very colourful, in a peculiar shape, we are able to do this however the price will naturally be more than a standard painted box of numbers for example.

Another influence on the price is your location in reference to our base. The further you are from us, the more it will cost us to due to transport and delivery costs. The closer you are; the less you will pay.

Despite this influence, we are a nationwide organisation so we work in any area of the UK, so the possibility of us carrying out the works will never be an issue.

Multi-Use Games Markings Near Me

We could apply multi-use games markings for numerous sports to make a multi-use surface, including tennis

Since children are able to participate in a lot of physical activities, they can be a little more focused during classes so it is simpler to learn. Alongside mental and physical advantages of play flooring markings, you'll also find a number of sociable benefits for the kids.

Many crucial abilities including group interaction and solving problems could be taught by enjoying the different activities in the play area. When enjoying the activity, the children can easily play together in a team along with taking part in distinctive activities.


The installation procedure for thermoplastics is reasonably simple and quick, minimising disruption for primary schools and day care centres.

The cut out thermoplastic that have been requested are positioned down on the flooring, and heated with specialist equipment to firmly melt them so they stick to the flooring.

The end product is a secure and colourful set of markings which is excellent for enhancing the look of a play ground. The play area designs we provide are fantastic for making your facility more fun and educational.

Youngsters are able to learn much better as well as strengthening their fitness and interpersonal skills using these exciting playground markings.

Other Surfaces We Offer

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