Macadam Playground Graphics

Macadam Playground Graphics

Many games involve children to use social skills and develop important attributes such as leadership, teamwork and communication.

Fun Play Area Games

Fun Play Area Games

We are able to paint traditional games, in a wide variety of different colours, shapes and sizes.

School Thermoplastic Line Markings

School Thermoplastic Line Markings

Using only premium materials, we can guarantee a high quality finish to ensure your playground is always looking bright and attractive.

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Macadam Play Area Designs

As an industry leader, we are able to supply and install macadam play area designs for your school.

The unique service that we offer allows you to pick and choose from an array of colours and designs, whether it may be a different shape or size you want, we are confident we can satisfy your needs.

As well as offering this, we are also a nationwide company who is able to work within any part of the UK. If you're looking for play markings for your school, nursery, kindergarten or crèche then we are the company for you!

Many nurseries get playground markings put down as a way to boost the appeal of their own local town, encourage the youngsters to have a more enjoyable time, and wow the OFSTED inspectors.

Kids are able to enjoy entertaining games along with enhancing their health and learning essential skills. Patterns could be applied for kids of every age group, from Early Years to primary and secondary school.

Educational graphics could be installed so that the children will take part in games to learn a range of skills

The most selected markings may be things like multiplication grids, clocks, spelling games and fun characters.


If you are seeking to acquire new macadam playgorund designs for your school, then get in touch today.

All you need to do is complete a contact form on our website and one of our expert advisors will respond to you promptly to ensure any questions you have are not left unanswered.

What are Macadam Play Area Designs?

Macadam play area designs are thermoplastic line markings that can are painted onto a macadam surface, for the enjoyment and education of the children.

They are suitable for a variety of locations. These may be: parks, schools, nurseries, crèches, and kindergartens. They ensure lots of fun and play during playtime, and they can also develop the cognitive development of the kids.

This is because regular activity between lessons is known as spaced learning. This is proven to help children concentrate and learn more.

Not only that, many of our patterns are subject specific e.g. a painted world map for Geography, or a numbered snake for Maths, or an alphabet for English!

This can guarantee that the children benefit in both ways from an enjoyment and educational perspective.

Painting Tarmac Playground Near Me

The thermoplastic markings are brilliant for getting kids to be much more physically active and healthy, together with helping them to have a great time in the fresh air.

Painting a tarmac playground has many benefits with regard to children’s wellbeing because weight problems are an increasing issue in local primary schools closest to you.

There are lots of facilities that could have colourful line markings applied. Premium thermoplastic is employed to produce the graphics, guaranteeing top strength.

The vibrant design is made to be slip resilient to ensure they are secure for the children using the playing area. When you have an old surface, the interesting graphics could actually enhance the appearance and produce a more colourful design for the play area.

Kids of any age and capabilities can make the most of the activities that will be done while using the graphics.

Thermoplastic Playground Patterns

The advantage of choosing us for your requested thermoplastic playground patterns is that we only use premium, high quality materials.

This is what has allowed us to remain the leader of our industry for a number of years now, as many competitors use cheaper materials, leaving clients unsatisfied and angry.

Because of how we construct our products, this means that paint is strong and weather resistant, making your macadam playground look visually and aesthetically pleasing to those playing and onlookers.

This is notably key for OFSTED inspections, inspectors really like thermoplastic macadam play ground patterns in schools because they too are aware of the numerous benefits.

There are lots of colours and patterns that you may pick from that are suited for a certain subject or school. Heat applied plastic playground surface graphics are usually great for parks, primary schools and day care organisations because they're long lasting and safe.

For schools which currently have any kind of out of date and tired play ground graphics we're able to recover them to ensure that they look brand new and bright

We are also able to employ traditional based games markings such as duck duck goose and number grids, and several other traditional features.

For more information on our products like our play surface line markings for nearby schools and crèches or simply just us as a company, be sure to send us a message now!

How are Macadam Play Area Designs Installed?

To find out how macadam playarea designs are installed, please follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, we carve the thermoplastic graphics out, e.g. snakes and ladders
  2.  We layout and plan the patterns to your needs
  3.  A hot temperature is applied to the patterns
  4.  The said shapes are then left to cool off

If you'd like to build a sports surface on your playground near me, we could also apply designs for many other events.

Because of daily activity, youngsters are in a better position to understand lessons inside the classroom, and this has numerous academic advantages as well.

In addition to mental and physical advantages of fun designs, you will also find many sociable advantages for kids. With the enjoyable activities and graphics, there is also a great chance to learn co-operation skills as well as solving problems.

Through enjoying the games, the kids can come together as part of a team in addition to experiencing independent games.

Playground Paint Suppliers

The installation process for thermoplastic graphics is pretty quick and easy, reducing interference in schools and kindergartens.

Our playground paint suppliers will place the preformed designs on the surrounding area surface and add heat with a special burner until they are stuck to the floor.

When the application is finished, the thermoplastic markings result in a vibrant and long lasting finish.

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The range of fun markings we provide are good for making your games space more fun and beneficial.

Children can learn more quickly as well as bettering their fitness and interpersonal skills by using these interesting fun line markings.

Other Surfaces We Offer

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