Playground Markings Removal

Playground Markings Removal

Get rid of your faded and aging line patterns to rejuvenate the look of your play area to ensure the children have fun and get educated simultaneously!

Removing School Play Lines

Removing School Play Lines

To ensure the children are always enjoying themselves, it is key to maintain your surfacing by removing and repainting old graphics.

Thermoplastic Designs Removal

Thermoplastic Designs Removal

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Thermoplastic Graphics Removal Specialists

As we are thermoplastic graphics removal specialists we have been able to remain the leader of our industry for a number of years now, and we are constantly looking to strive further whilst offering our notorious premium and flexible service for all our clients.

Getting rid of old line markings in your playground is a fantastic way to effectively clean the area and make it look brand new again.

You may even consider repainting the old lines or installing new ones, both of these services we provide.


Lots of organisations have play area graphics put down to boost the appeal of their facility, encourage the kids to have a more enjoyable time, and wow the OFSTED inspectors.

Play surface markings are vital for the children’s learning, together with their fun and physical fitness levels. You can choose from a great deal of graphics which are suitable for KS1 and KS2 as well as older children

Educational designs can be installed so that the youngsters may play games to understand many different topics. Popular designs for these include things like maths games, alphabet activities, geographical maps and compasses.

Are you interested in removing your thermoplastic graphics? Get in touch today through one of the provided contact forms, we can work with small budgets and are happy to work on graphics removal anywhere within the UK.

What are Thermoplastic Graphics Removal Specialists?

Thermoplastic graphics removal specialists is the name we are proud to associate ourselves with. We're experts in removing playground line graphics and gamesk.

Many games can look old and faded and we could rejuvenate your play area by clearing all existing lines and repainting new ones for you.

Not only is this ideal for kids, toddlers, and children within schools, nurseries, and crèches, but it is also ideal for OFSTED Inspectors as they have a keen eye on educational games.

Why are Thermoplastic Designs important?

Thermoplastic designs are important for enhancing kids' physical fitness and all around health and it's an ideal way to make fitness become enjoyable.

Since obesity statistics are escalating with children in the UK, the lines and games provide an excellent method to handle this problem particularly in schools.

We may install the brightly coloured recreational design to numerous different kinds of location. They are all manufactured from superior quality components which means they will be weather resistant and dependable.

Because kids will likely be running and playing on the line-markings, it is really important that they be secure. We’re prepared to add these types of colourful play patterns to existing macadam surfaces so that you can enhance the playground.

Kids of every age and abilities can make the most of the games which are played with the thermoplastic designs.

Removing Tarmac Paint Near Me

Removing tarmac paint is good to do if you want to replace the current designs. Our company offers an abundance of specification and shapes for these graphics for them to be completely suited to your facility.

A number of local schools, nurseries and public leisure areasclosest to you have the play area designs put in to generate a colourful and durable finish.

For schools which presently have any outdated and tired playground markings we're able to restore them to ensure that they seem new and bright. Have a look at the hopscotch design information we can provide

The choice of markings we apply incorporates various classic activities for example snakes and ladders and duck duck goose.

Removing Playground Line Markings Prices

Removing playground line markings prices will vary depending on the type of work which is required and mant other factors, such as the location and the amount of time it will take.

The equipment and machinery that we use for removing thermoplastics is of a premium and high quality spec to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

The high tech machinery combined with our skilled service professionals allows you to see your playground brought back to life in very little time.

Naturally this may cost more than a competitor but please do be wary of other organisations within our industry as they do not all use the same materials and equipment as us and they in fact leave many schools looking worse off because of the cheap equipment utilised for the project, leaving many clients unsatisfied.

We can guarantee that every single clients of ours will be left satisfied as we shall adhere to your wants and needs at ease.

MUGA Line Markings Near Me

We can additionally put down MUGA line markings for a selection of sporting activities to develop a multi sport activity space. As kids near me are able to participate in lots of fun games, they will be more concentrated throughout classes so it is simpler for them to learn.

Together with both mental and physical advantages of playground markings, you'll also find several interpersonal benefits for children. Children are able to develop many essential abilities when enjoying the outdoor games in school.

The nearby youngsters are then encouraged to spend time with their classmates and develop friendships.

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It is fairly easy to apply thermoplastic playground games designs to surrounding areas and this means the children can return to enjoying their breaks as quickly as possible.

Our installers will position the cut out shapes on the macadam surface and melt them with a burner until they are stuck to the floor. As soon as the installation is completed, the designs result in a vibrant and strong appearance.

These are an excellent way to improve a play area's visual appeal so it's more enjoyable for the children. Kids can learn better in addition to increasing their health and interpersonal skills by using these interesting playground designs.

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