OFSTED Educational Graphics

OFSTED Educational Graphics

When inspecting, they look for thermoplastics that can benefit both the education and develop skills for the children.

Outdoor Learning Designs

Outdoor Learning Designs

As industry leaders, we offer a very flexible service, and can offer patterns even for set topics within the curriculum.

Improve your OFSTED Results

Improve your OFSTED Results

Graphics are a great way to impress the inspectors on the day, and also the kids everyday, due to their vibrant and bright colours.

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OFSTED Outdoor Learning Markings

At our company, we can provide OFSTED outdoor learning markings that can drastically improve your inspection results.

Gaining 'outstanding' is the top mark you can get from the inspectors and this is what every school should be striving for.

To help head in this direction, getting external learning designs will definitely assist you with this.

Alongside this benefit, there are other benefits such as improving the children's results at school through spaced learning, and the kids taking part in activities for fun and enjoyment.

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With regards to children’s playgrounds, thermoplastic designs are frequently put down to improve the area and create colourful graphic designs. Play graphics could be crucial for the pupils' education and learning, alongside their entertainment and physical fitness levels.

They are great for virtually all kids of all ages in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Educational surface markings could be applied so the kids may play games to understand numerous topics.

Widely used options like this incorporate numbered squares, letter snakes, and other games.

If you're looking to improve your score through the installation of thermoplastic patterns then send us a message today via the contact forms on our website. One of our trusted team advisors will be with you ASAP to adhere to your queries.

What are OFSTED Outdoor Learning Markings?

OFSTED outdoor learning markings are painted line designs within a playground in schools that help boost your report and score.

This is impediment to do as this can increase the attractiveness to your school to many more children within the area and can also assist you with gaining more funding from the government.

The floor graphics motivate pupils to be energetic and get involved in far more outdoor games. For primary school kids, obesity is a growing concern and having external exercise spaces is a wonderful way to enhance overall health.

The daily mile has been designed to improve health and fitness and many schools choose to have a thermoplastic track installed https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/education/daily-mile/

There are many clients that can have decorative patterns installed. High quality plastic is applied to produce these surface markings, promising maximum strength.

The playground graphics are designed to be skid resistant so they’re safe for the kids while using the area. When you have and worn out play area surface, the colourful shapes may drastically strengthen the appearance and produce a more lively design for the play area.

Kids of every age group and abilities can have fun with the games that are done with the surface graphics.

How do I Improve my OFSTED Score?

To improve your OFSTED Score, installing educational thermoplastic markings are ideal to help boost your score. The points below can be followed:

  1. Get an idea of what you would like e.g. traditional games such as noughts and crosses, or, subject specific e.g. a world map for geography
  2. Send us an enquiry and we will walk you through the simple process of collaborating with us
  3. We install your requested designs and upon inspection, watch your report become outstanding!

On inspection day, they look for outdoor play area designs as they believe they are both educational and fun for nearby school kids. Find out more about the traditional markings here https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/designs/traditional/

Toddlers and children near me will be running round all day playing upon installation of the graphics whether this is at your local nursery, crèche, or school.

OFSTED Creativity Near Me

We provide lots of colours and shapes for the markings so they can be appropriately suitable for your facility and surrounding areas.

Numerous schools, play groups and public areas closest to you, have the heat applied plastic graphics put down to develop a decorative and longer lasting finish.

If you currently have dated and tired playground graphics we can easily recover these to make sure they appear new and vibrant.

The variety of graphics we're able to apply incorporates many classic activities such as snakes and ladders and chess and can give a tick on OFSTED creativity reports.

Are you looking to get a better report for your school? Well a starting point for this is to definitely acquire some playground graphics from us and to contact us via one of the contact forms on our page.

We will be with you quickly and informatively to help ypu take your next step in the right direction.

Playground Thermoplastic Lines Benefits

OFSTED outdoor learning markings can drastically uplift all areas of daily school life. There is a rage of playground thermoplastic lines benefits, for one, the kids at playtime are getting daily physical fitness alongside testing their problem solving skills.

Not only this but they are using social skills to make friends, boosting vital life skills such as leadership, teamwork and co-ordination.

Children near me that have had lots of fun at playtime are more likely to concentrate harder in class as they have used all of their built up energy within their breaks.

Therefore both their physical fitness and education are being improved. OFSTED-Inspectors will easily notice this and making it ever more likely that you will improve on your previous score.

Improving Ofsted Reports

If you are wanting to start improving Ofsted reports this can be done in many ways and having external learning through graphics is one way.

In order to produce a sporting activities section for the recreational area, we can also apply thermoplastic graphics for many other events.

As children are able to participate in lots of exciting games, they can be more concentrated during classes so it’s much easier for them to learn.

By taking part in several games with other people, the children are able to improve in a social way as well as with health. Young children are encouraged to understand many important abilities while having fun with the outdoor activities in school.

The kids are then able to play with their classmates and build new friendships.


The application procedure for thermoplastic marking is pretty simple and quick, reducing interference in schools and other organisations.

The specific markings which have been chosen are put on the floor, and heated up with a burner to securely melt them to the flooring https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/surfaces/outdoor/

Once the installation is completed, the thermoplastic marking will leave a vibrant and durable appearance. If you'd like to help make your school or nursery play facilities more enjoyable and thrilling, these recreational designs are a great option to install.

We are proud of having the ability to entertain and educate via our colourful playground graphics.

Other Education Services We Offer

Learn how to boost your OFSTED Grades Today

For further information on how to boost your OFSTED grades today, get in touch with us and we will be able to work closely with you and work towards a budget to ensure that all of your needs are met.

We can work together to create a plan for what you want from us, and what we think your school needs to impress the inspector on the day.

OFSTED outdoor learning markings are the number one way to develop your school and receive a better government inspection grade.


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