Thermoplastic Number Markings

Thermoplastic Number Markings

These designs are great because children are learning whilst taking part in a fun activity and this makes the whole process more fun for everyone!

Thermoplastic Number Grids

Thermoplastic Number Grids

When choosing the number design which you like, remember that we also have various colours and sizes available.

Playground Number Line

Playground Number Line

When you want a number design installed, it can be customised to meet your specification and design. For younger children it is good to have a smaller number line for them to learn.

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Thermoplastic Number Markings

Thanks for visiting our number marking page. Here you can see the different designs we can offer to promote literacy in children.

As expert playground marking installers, we have installed a number of designs at schools, nurseries and parks at a high quality to improve mathematic skills.

Thermoplastic playground number markings are the ideal product for schools and nurseries as they are extremely durable products.

They can come in all sorts of different sizes and colours to ensure that you get the perfect one for your facility. The plastic numbers allow children to have fun playing, whilst also learning. They can be used in both the kids free time and during lessons.


The numerical features can come in different forms such as number squares, snakes and laders and hopscotch.

If you would like to get more details regarding the different products and services we have on offer then please get in contact with us using the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Professional Thermoplastic Installers

Our company's professional thermoplastic markings installers can offer a variety of unique services the client can choose from, as a result of our experience of playground markings.

Our specialist workers can install a variety of distinct patterns and colourful playground markings for schools which children can have fun with and make use of to discover worthwhile abilities.

Many patterns are installed in a creche so the children can enjoy them

Our company offers a selection of playground markings to suit kids of all ages, these might include cartoon graphics, traditional playground markings and even activities lines.

Thermoplastic Number Grids

Thermoplastic markings are available in a number of different designs, including number grids.

When applying thermoplastic number grids, there are many sizes and colours to choose from. These types of educational games let primary schools to make the most of the learning outside on an all-weather surface, which suggests the surface could even be useful for physical education lessons.

The play surfacing specialists can also improve existing designs that have dwindled and got worn out over time; boosting the surface visually for you and also the kids.

Number Graphic Specialists Near Me

The thermoplastic playground markings are put in by adding hot temperatures on the playgrounf markings, sticking them to the asphalt floor. An array of unique colour choices and designs are available so you can choose any school playground markings you want on your nearby play area which will suit the kids using it.

Our local number graphic specialists who work closest to you can put on a paint coating to the entire asphalt flooring before putting down the chosen designs, this will likely improve the overall look and quality of the park or school playground.

Tarmac Number Painting

Numerous schools, day care centres and leisure areas throughout the UK have got tarmac number painting applied around the macadam flooring.

You can choose between many different thermoplastic playground markings, this includes:

  • Academic Designs
  • Conventional Activities
  • Geographic Atlases
  • Entertaining Cartoon Figures

These types of surface patterns might help join local people alongside one another and also motivate children to be more engaged and have fun whilst learning new skills.

Our specialists can also apply designs that will be based on the pupils' countrywide learning curriculum.

This element helps to boost your primary school's Ofsted record and scores, find out more about that here These style of designs can give opportunities for children to learn much better.

Playground Designs Nearby

Thermoplastic playground designs are strong and sturdy; they will also be applied fairly quickly without the need of causing a great deal of disruption for the school and their surrounding areas.

Any graphics currently one the playground can be repaired or cleaned by the specialist installers to ensure they are looking perfect.

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We are able to additionally get rid of outdated numerical playground markings, if they have got damaged, and replace these for a totally different installation you might just like to improve the quality of the current designs, we will perform a reapplication process to give the playground a completely new look.

Other Designs We Offer

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