Imaginative Designs

Imaginative Designs

We offer a huge range of different designs to help give you a massive selection to choose from ensuring you get the perfect facility

Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic Markings

The different designs encourage children to excel at different aspects of school helping them to progress and develop further

Animal Designs

Animal Designs

Teach the children of your school or nursery the different animals of the world and how they behave!

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Imaginative Play Area Markings

These imaginative play area markings are designed to help develop children both physically and mentally, offering an educational aspect on a fun game or task. There are a large number of different products that we offer that are specifically designed to improve the overall quality of education at schools.


Key stage 2 specifications are great for learning and we have a variety to choose from One of the most cost effective methods of having an educational yet fun activity for your students is the play area line markings. For more details about the wide selection of products that are available please use the contact box and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Playground Design Markings

We have a wide range of experience with playground design markings allowing us to do a few different products and services which should satisfy the customer's preferences. To help make absolutely sure the kids are having a good time we provide you with several play-area graphics that are not only informative but are also entertaining for the kids near me.

Fun Playground Designs Near Me

We offer an array of fun playground designs to suit kids of every age group, these could involve animal markings, classic graphics and also sports lines. For sporting activity, our experts may apply football, tennis, netball, basketball and multi sports specifications. These types of activity lines let schools to make the most of the all purpose area, which suggests the surface could be helpful for sports lessons. As play surface graphics professionals, we also apply renovation work for an existing design that could have grown to be worn out or faded through time.

Thermoplastic Safety Specifications

To follow the thermoplastic safety specifications, the plastic graphics are put in by applying high temperatures on a design, sticking these on the macadam surfacing. All the graphic choices can be found in a range of unique colourings, specifications and features that will suit precisely what the client wants. We are able to paint the macadam area before applying the imaginative playarea graphic if necessary, this makes it resemble a brand new play ground since it will undoubtedly be considerably brighter as well as help the graphics are noticeable.

Installing Imaginative Playground Designs

It is not uncommon for local educational organisations and day care centres to have a thermoplastic play ground design applied to their surrounding areas. Educative specs are generally an option, as an example we're able to install snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number squares; these should encourage the kids closest to you to learn skills by engaging in energetic games. Having these types of exciting play ground markings can give youngsters the ability to become more active and have fun taking part in academic activities. Our nearby team can start installing imaginative playground designs and also put in graphics that will be based on the children’s nationwide learning curriculum. As a result, the primary school's inspection report and scores might be increased due to opportunities for youngsters to learn skills significantly better.

Play Marking Services Near Me

Thermoplastic imaginative play area designs are resilient and durable; they will also be installed swiftly while not making a great deal of disturbance on the nursery. Existing lines can be repaired and maintained quickly and easily by our own specialists. The play marking services we also do, is improve out of date graphics, in case they have become exhausted, and replace them with a fully different pattern In the event you do not require the old pattern to be removed, we offer a reapplication process which can transform your pre-existing design and enhance the look of your facility.

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