Hopscotch Designs

Hopscotch Designs

We have a large range of different designs to ensure that you can have a completely bespoke facility

Three way Hopscotch

Three way Hopscotch

Hopscotches come in all shapes and sizes, and here we have our three way design that allows mutiple children to play at once

Colourful Hopscotch

Colourful Hopscotch

We have hopscotches available in a huge range of different designs and colours to help get the perfect bespoke product for your needs

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Thermoplastic Hopscotch Markings

Welcome to our thermoplastic hopscotch page. Here you can find out about the benefits of hopscotch playground markings and the different designs available.

Having a thermoplastic hopscotch marking in installed within you facility is one of the best methods to improving the overall quality of your recreational area in a cost effective way.

The playground markings are extremely hardwearing allowing for them to take a great deal of usage which is ideal for busy schools or nurseries.


Read more about primary school designs here https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/facilities/primary-school/

They help to develop children both physically and mentally improving their time at school and ensuring that they have the opportunity to have a good time during their free time.

For more information regarding the various different products which we have available then please use the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Playground Design Experts Near Me

Our local playground design experts who work closest to you, can complete a variety of services that the client can choose from, because of our experience with playground markings.

The specialist contractors can install a number of different designs and colourful playground marking options that kids can engage in and make use of to learn valuable skills.

Each client near me can decide on many different styles of recreational flooring graphics - suiting different age ranges - for instance colourful characters, classic games and sports.

For activity linemarkings our experts may apply football, tennis, netball, basketball and multi-use games area design. These types of games make it possible for primary schools to make use of the all weather area, so this means the area can also be helpful for physical education sessions.

If you happen to currently have play area graphics that have got worn out or possibly faded with time, our trained nearby professional workforce will come to the playground and enhance old graphics, enhancing the surface visually.

Thermoplastic Educational Markings

The thermoplastic educational playground markings which we install are created from thermo plastic graphics which will be put onto the chosen area and heated until eventually they soften and adhere to the asphalt surface.

All of the playground marking specifications are available in a number of diverse colours, shapes and requirements which will accommodate precisely what the customer requires. Have a read about the number designs by clicking here https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/designs/numbers/

We'll paint the macadam area before applying the recreational surface graphics if required, this will make it resemble a whole new surface mainly because it will likely be a great deal brighter and will help the designs get noticed.

Hopscotch Playground Design Near Me

It's quite common for educational organisations and playgroups to get a hopscotch playground design applied. Academic designs could consist of snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number squares; this is because they've got numbers on and so the kids should be learning from the process.

Local people might be brought together by these different types of play surface designs, while also inspiring children to grow a lot more active. We're also able to apply designs that will be associated to the children’s national learning curriculum.

By installing thermo plastic graphics like this, the school may be able to enhance their Ofsted review by providing youngsters greater opportunities to learn outdoors and develop innovative skills.

What are Playground Graphic Specifications?

Playground graphic secifications are varied because it is about the type of design and syle with is available for thermoplastic graphics. Each customer that we install theses for normally requires a unique design to meet their requirements.

When installing these, very little disruption on the flooring is caused by setting up thermoplastic hopscotch marking, as they will be installed swiftly and are also long-lasting and durable.

Pre-existing designs can also be fixed and maintained quickly and easily by the installers.

Hopscotch Painting on Tarmac

When you have older and depleted playground markings on your surrounding areas and would like hopscotch painting on tarmac, we have the ability to upgrade these with an all new brightly colorful plastic play surface application by removing the old ones https://www.playgroundlinemarkings.co.uk/refurbishment/removals/

Having said that we are able to also boost pre-existing graphics simply by reapplying the playground markings, improving the look of your recreational surface.

Other Designs We Offer

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