Play Area Repainting Services

Play Area Repainting Services

We can carry out this service to an excellent standard. It is great to have done as it will improve the look of your current flooring.

Playground Painting Professionals

Playground Painting Professionals

Before we apply new markings, we will give you the option to have the surface painted before, this can make the flooring look new!

Thermoplastic Paint Experts

Thermoplastic Paint Experts

When choosing your designs, you need to look at what the children are going to be learning about in that year as we have a variety of educational designs to choose from.

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Play Area Repainting Services

As industry leaders for play area repainting services we are able to to supply and install this to a high quality standard, within a suitable timeframe and we can also work around your budget no matter the size.

This flexibility has allowed to us to offer all of our clients products that are made from premium materials, ensuring a vibrant finish when your playground is relined.

This will enhance the colour of the graphics ensuring that the children playing it enjoy themselves and that it boosts the overall aesthetic appeal of your school.


Many schools get playground graphics applied in order to enhance the appearance of their own area, encourage the kids to have a more enjoyable time, and make an impression on the OFSTED inspectors.

Youngsters will appreciate entertaining activities together with working on their physical health and developing essential skills.

Markings can be applied for kids of every age, from Early Years to high school. Academic designs can be installed so that the children can play games to learn various skills.

The most regularly used play markings may be things like grids, clocks, phonics and animals.

To learn more about how we can greatly benefit the visual appeal of your playground graphics, then send us a message today via an enquiry form on one of our pages.

A member of our trusted communications team will be with you promptly to ensure that any questions you have are not left unanswered.

What are Play Area Repainting Services?

Play area repainting services are the relining of existing playground markings to rejuvenate the look of your thermoplastic fun and educational games.

If you have play equipment within the area, a full surface repaint can really bring the area to life. You may also want to think about repainting playground equipment if this has become outdated.

Once repainted, children can have a lot of fun playing on them whilst also learning. This is because many games involve problem solving skills which can test their cognitive ability.

However, many games can also develop the kid's social skills as they will learn key attributes such as leadership, teamwork and communication.

Professional Thermoplastic Maintenance

Carrying out professional thermoplastic maintenance is a good idea because the graphics inspire youngsters near me to get active and indulge in a lot more outdoor games, find out about nursery designs here

This provides benefits with regard to kids' health and fitness since inactivity is an increasing problem in primary schools. We offer these colourful playground designs to many different types of area.

They are all made from superior quality materials meaning they are long lasting and dependable. As kids will likely be running around and playing on the line markings, it is essential that they be safe to use.

We’re equipped to install these coloured play markings to basic macadam surfacing in an effort to improve the playground. These markings are ideal for pupils of all ages, and they may even make up their very own games.

How do we Apply Playground Thermoplastic Relining?

Please read the steps below to understand how we apply playground thermoplastic relining:

  1. The area is chemically cleaned with a substance to remove any exisiting moss & algae
  2. We will repair anything that needs repairing using binder
  3. We deep clean the surface
  4. Supply and apply the anti slip coating paint
  5. Apply the line paintings to meet your desire

We provide a great deal of designs and styles for these graphics for them to be properly suitable for your facility. Lots of schools closest to you, kindergartens and public play areas have the thermoplastic markings installed to develop a vibrant and long lasting end result.

For those who have any kind of dated and tired playground-markings we will improve them to make sure they seem brand new and exciting.

The choice of graphics we install features quite a few old fashioned activities such as snakes and ladders and duck duck goose.

To find out more regarding our repainting, then get in touch. We can quote you for an enquiry for your local school today!

Repainting School Games Lines Prices

Repainting school games line prices may naturally differ due to a variant of influences.

We can ensure that we offer you the best value for your money as mentioned before, our materials used for our products are from a prestigious range that ensures durability and weather reistant paint that not a lot of our competitors can offer.

The requested design you may want from us can also change the price, e.g. the more flamboyant and colourful you would like your playground-patterns.

Playground Painting Ideas Near Me

Sports game playground painting ideas are also available, such as netball and basketball.

Because nearby children are able to participate in several exciting games, they will become more focused during school so it’s much easier to understand information.

Through taking part in several activities with others, the youngsters near me can develop socially as well as with physical fitness. Kids are able to learn a lot of very important abilities when participating in the outdoor activities at school.

This encourages the kids to make a lot of friends whilst having fun.

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These designs have got a special approach in terms of how they are laid. The specific pre-cut shapes which have been chosen are placed on the flooring, and heated up with a burner to melt them so they stick to the surrounding areas.

The end product is a strong and brightly coloured design that is perfect for enhancing the quality of a playarea. These are a great way to improve a playground's appearance and make it more enjoyable for the kids

We take pride in being able to carry out repainting for play areas to educate and entertain children with the thermoplastic outdoor play surface markings.

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