Playground Line Markings in City of Edinburgh

Playground Line Markings in City of Edinburgh

We are able to install colourful line markings to playground in a range of designs which are perfect for sports and educational activities in schools or clubs.

Outdoor Activity Graphics in City of Edinburgh

Outdoor Activity Graphics in City of Edinburgh

We have a wide selection of graphics and designs which can be applied onto tarmac play areas and used with fun games during lessons or break times.

Coloured Sports Lines in City of Edinburgh

Coloured Sports Lines in City of Edinburgh

As well as playground games, we can also apply painted lines for MUGA sports courts with different colours to distinguish between each game.

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Playground Line Markings Specialists in City of Edinburgh

Thank you for visiting our website. As playground line markings specialists in City of Edinburgh EH7 5 we offer a variety of products and services. 


Many schools and clubs have coloured lines applied to their outdoor surfaces for use with many sports and activities. We can do this using either anti slip paint or thermoplastics, each of which are available in a choice of bright colours and designs to suit your facility.

This will usually be done to macadam surfacing, however we can apply painted lines to other sports flooring types.

If you are interested in having painted or heat-applied designs for your playarea or sport facility, please contact us today. Depending on your budget and requirements, we'll provide you with an affordable quote for your playground line marking project.

Coloured Paint Lining

Our local team closest to you can carry out an array of distinct coloured paint lining services that the client can select from, due to our experience with play ground lining.

To help make certain the kids are having a good time we provide many different playground marking graphics which are not only informative but also exciting for the children. These are available as either paint or thermoplastic graphics, it depends on the qualities you need.

The customer can consider several unique kinds of recreational floor patterns - suiting different age groups.

We can install things like:

  • Animals
  • Traditional Games
  • Competitive Sports Playground Markings

Professional Line Painting Experts Near Me

If you have a specific design and budget in mind, our professional line painting experts may create a specification which is perfect for you.

The costs of our services will vary depending on the grounds size and the amount of materials we need to use.

However we could work with your school, nursery club or surrounding areas to provide the perfect playground marking designs.

Sports Court Line Marking in City of Edinburgh

For competitive sports court line marking, our specialists can apply the following lines:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Multi Sports Designs

For more information about tennis playground markings, click here

These playground line marking games areas allow primary schools near me to take advantage of the all-weather flooring, meaning the facility can be used regularly for sports lessons.

The coloured paint coatings and graphics are durable and long lasting enough to be used every day for loads of different activities.

If you currently have thermoplastics and they have become worn out and diminished through time, our experts will come to your location and strengthen old lines, boosting the playground aesthetically.

Play Area Graphics Specification

The playground lines can be made from either plastic or coloured paint depending on the specifications you need. A play area graphics specification is applied onto a macadam area by applying heat to the thermoplastic and sticking them to the playarea.

For painted lines, we may spray the whole area in a chosen colour and then apply the lines in contrasting colours for the different activities. The client can choose from a wide range of distinctive colourings, styles and specs for your playground markings.

For schools, hopscotches are very popular

If needed, we are able to colour the tarmacadam area just before our installers apply the playground markings, which helps to make the playground seem completely new, because it will be a lot more bright.

It's common for primary schools and day care centres to have play area thermoplastics installed.

You'll be able to pick from many different designs, including:

  • Educative Playground Markings
  • Traditional Activities
  • Geographic Atlases
  • Colourful Cartoon Figures 

The community might be strengthened by these different types of playground markings, whilst also inviting children to generally be far more physically active.

Our specialists could also work with the students' nationwide work course to come up with the ideas for what shapes will be used.

Using this method, your school’s Ofsted record and scores can be increased because of the potential for children to learn much better.

Current Line Markings Near Me

Thermoplastic playground designs in City of Edinburgh EH7 5 are long lasting and sturdy; they can also be applied fairly quickly with no need of creating a large amount of interference to the flooring.

Any current playground line markings in the nearby area may be restored or washed by the professional team to make sure they're looking wonderful.

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We're able to also do away with outdated designs, when they have got worn out, and upgrade these for an entirely different installation, find out more about relining here

We could also boost current designs through relining the playground markings, enhancing the appearance of the facility.

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We have carried out a range of playground line marking over the years and we are certainly able to help you too.

If you'd like to speak with one of our playground line markings specialists in City of Edinburgh EH7 5 please complete the contact form on this page.

We can discuss the playground marking prices and help you decide on a design which is perfect for your facility.

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