Tennis Court Line Marking Specialists

Tennis Court Line Marking Specialists

There are many different choices to consider before you choose your specified tennis court including surfacing types, line marking, colours and purpose

Repair and Maintenance Experts

Repair and Maintenance Experts

We offer a range of different variations of materials and colours to satisfy the demands of your required specifications of tennis court.

Professional Playground Line Marking

Professional Playground Line Marking

As tennis court specialists, we can offer a range of expert advice to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Tennis Court Lines Specialist

We are a tennis court lines specialist and our line markings paints are made up of either a porous acrylic paint coating or a polyurethane coating depending on the type of ground it will be used on.

We offer the very best services across the UK and can completely transform your facility.


Included in both of these types of line markings is a traction-increasing extra that benefits tennis players during the game by ensuring little chance of slipping or skidding on the line markings and consequently hurting themselves.

You can find a huge selection of different products and services that will allow you to get the best tennis site for your school, faculty or home.

To build a perfect sports area or to keep your current area in perfect shape, you'll need to have a variety of different services performed and if necessary we can get into any details with regards to the diverse processes and will explain the different choices that are open to you.

Sports Flooring Specifications

The particular date of a tennis court building project will most likely vary determined by individual factors. These include things like the sports flooring specifications, design and site location.

There are also numerous unique accessories which you could have implemented in your design idea for your facility; this could include durable fencing, the colour layer of the netting as well as the tennis-court line markings.

The first stage is being sure the client has selected a design that they are happy with, including both the aesthetics and functionality of the site.

It’s crucial that you think about all the available options when installing a brand new sports ground to make certain that it matches the design and performance you are searching for.

Many people choose to have multi use games areas installed, find out more about them here

As a tennis court lines specialist we are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding tennis courts or markings. Feel free to message us through the contact form and we will make sure to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

Once we can start building we should ensure the surface as well as the surrounding area of ground that is being used for the court has the right sub base which has a layer of permeable natural stone beneath it.

We make use of an angular stone sub base to guarantee the particles lock with each other to produce a structure that is powerful and secure but in addition has got the needed spaces to allow water to pass right through.

The porosity of your site wouldn’t be up to standard without having angular stone because it guarantees water passes directly through and doesn’t end up flooding the surfacing.

Once we have fitted the stone sub base layer, the following stage for any tennis zone is to lay out an application of macadam over the stone to create a smooth and even surface.

If the zone has been specified to be surfaced with macadam after that no other construction works need to be completed, however for facilities with other flooring options that specific surfacing type will have to be laid down next.

Tennis Court Dimensions

To get your area specified for the requirements established by the LTA the tennis court dimensions, should be measured to 17.07m by 34.77m, this is the minimum measurements for an LTA standard surface.

The range of surfacing types that we have easily accessible includes:

  • Polymeric rubber crumb
  • Synthetic sand filled turf
  • Man-made clay
  • Macadam surfacing

Each of these could be installed on top of base course macadam with the correct professional tennis court lines specialist and the costs and expenses of your tennis-court would depend on a variety of various influences such as sizes and dimensions.

If your ground is only going to be used as a small area for mainly recreational sports, the dimensions and designs can be altered to suit your demands or to accommodate a lower budget.

Professional Court Maintenance

After having the tennis space manufactured, it’ll be in your best interest to ensure the nearby space remains in the absolute best shape all year round.

The two main different forms of routine maintenance; these are proactive and reactive strategies.

Doing regular continuing maintenance on your ground will help to protect against any kind of damage and make certain the facility is really as secure as possible throughout the year.

This can certainly include a number of different techniques for instance drag matting to synthetic grass, which removes debris and dirt from the facility making sure that it’s dependable throughout the year.

Vegetation could cause your facility to begin to reduce its porosity so we provide a jet wash service.

Contaminations may cause the spaces within the sports surfacing to get clogged and loaded with various dirt, sticks and leaves and consequently cause the line-markings on the tennis-court to become vague over time and eventually fade which emphasizes the need for contrast between line-markings and the ground.

Should the porosity of the ground fail, this is likely to result in water logging and flooding which may substantially damage the product’s looks and lifespan.

Reactive maintenance was designed to deal with these difficulties in an effort to rectify the issue before any real damage being done that can lead to pricey and time intensive repairs.

Our tennis court lines specialist completely recommend to any or all new and current clients that they start a professional court maintenance program with their facilities to make sure they manage to get their money’s worth.

Tennis Surfacing Relining

When producing your sports court you will have entire control over the colour scheme for your facility.

It is highly important that a complete credit check is undertook before choosing a contractor to ensure the expert contrasting line-markings are applied to the ground in colourful fresh paint to provide the area with appropriate performance dimensions and that the job is done to a suitable standard that meets the SAPCA, TF and LTA specifications.

Our specialist paint is fitted with anti-slip components that massively improves the performance features of your facility, minimizing accidents and enhancing play quality.

If you are having your facility decorated with slip resistant coating, make sure to make use of a professional sports service provider to make sure you get a high quality job.

Stay on top of proactive tennis surfacing relining to make sure that your facilities anti-slip finish doesn’t lose its effectiveness. Without servicing the paint can also lose its slip resistant features leading to it to become dangerous for use.

Best Tennis Surface

As a tennis court lines specialist company we pride ourselves over the big and varied selection of different surfacing types which provide distinctive components for your local court closest to you determined by whatever you need.

The most prevalent surface variety that we install is macadam surfacing which is stone mixed with a tar compound that creates a permeable surface.

The macadam flooring is a favourite in educational facilities and clubs because it's robust, long lasting and could be utilized for a number of other activities such as netball and basketball during PE lessons, also in after school clubs.

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If you have any questions regarding sports line marking or about the bes tennis surface, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions on the topic by filling our contact form above. We will be more than happy to help answer these questions.

A different specification which can be used for tennis grounds and sports courts is EPDM rubberised surfaces.

This spec is comprised of coloured EPDM rubberised granules which get mixed with a specialist mixture, the combination will be applied on to a prepared macadam sub base.

Specialist non-slip paint is applied to each one of these hard court surfaces to add a coloured design as well as to allow the surfacing improved safety characteristics.

Coloured Line Markings Near Me

An application of the sports activities coloured line markings in a contrasting colour will then be placed straight down on the macadam and polymeric surfaces, these can be markings for tennis and other chosen sports like netball or basketball to create a multi-use games area through the simple use of line marking.

Find out about outdoor marking here

However, if the sports surface is needed for skilled players, it is crucial that these line markings are completed to certain dimensions and sizes. Man-made grass sports surfaces also are frequently used for new tennis courts as a substitute for the hard court specs.

These specific surface types must be installed along with certain marking paints and infills depending on the carpet to make certain the facility has got the essential grip and qualities.

The specification of sand filled man-made turf signifies the area can be used for other activities such as hockey and football based on the assumption that the court has line markings that have been painted which is ideal for MUGAs.

Before you start the tennis-court construction at your organisation, we recommend that you think about the design and price range you intend to spend.

Through a concept of the spec and price requirements, you will then be able to select the very best type of tennis-court surfacing which will satisfy your personal facility for competitive and leisurely use.

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It’s important to maintain your area surfacing and to ensure your tenniscourt line-markings are well looked after to ensure that the court is safe and that the area is clearly visible.

This is another reason for the importance of contrasting line markings colours as in time the contrast colours can become dirty and have a low visibility in comparison with the tennis surface which could cause injuries and controversy amongst the players.

As tennis court line marking specialists, we provide a large variance of different cleansing and rejuvenation services that can get rid of any vegetation and rubbish from the surface.

An everyday pressure wash and brushing process is amongst the most typical washing methods for hard courts which are created from tarmac or EPDM polymeric rubber surfaces.

This method eliminates grime, leaves, trash and other debris from your flooring helping to avoid moss and algae development.

Sport Surface Repair Experts Near Me

In an effort to maintain a premium sports surfacing court repairs should be carried out if required. If you make sure to be practical when checking your facility for any damages, rips and holes to the ground or fading to your tennis-court markings it’ll make sure you can deal with the harm before it’s too late.

Repairs can be accomplished to correct these complications by filling in openings with an emerald stone combination, carrying out a comprehensive clean to support drainage, and using a new layer of anti-slip paint.

These problems may be fretting to a macadam surface, small fractures or divots, lack of water drainage or washed out paint and line markings. To change the paint, a simple repaint is needed to make the tennis court look as good as new.

However, before any repairs are begun there are certain procedures that need to be taken to ensure the repaint is efficient and successful.

These could include the removal of moss or dirt as the ground needs to be spotless before our sports surface repair expets can repaint or the evaluation of the dimensions of the ground that need to be repainting.

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